(source: https://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/52/tellurium)

Tellurium additions make lead more resistant to acids (Lead And Alloys (1934)), and improve its strength and hardness (Improvements in the manufacture of lead and lead alloys (1933)).

Tellurium has been used in specialised glass (Improvements relating to the production of glass containing tellurium (1957)), and ceramics (Ceramics And/Or Glass-Ceramics Based On Tellurium Dioxide, Uses And Preparation Process (2017)), and as a catalyst e.g. for forming carbonyl groups (Tellurium catalysts (1953)). 

The synthesis of tellurene, a 2D allotrope of tellurium has been described: Substrate-Free 2d Tellurene (2018)).


All patent information has been obtained from Espacenet (European Patent Office).