(source: https://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/12/magnesium)

Magnesium is often alloyed with aluminium and other elements (‘Exfoliation resistant aluminium magnesium alloy’ (2004)), where improved characteristics such as mechanical properties, component manufacture, and light-weight applications are required such as aircraft construction (‘Aluminum-copper-magnesium-manganese alloy useful for aircraft applications’ (1999)).

Magnesium is also added to molten iron and steel to remove sulphur: ‘Method of producing steel with the lowest possible sulfur content by desulfurization of pig iron with magnesium coke’ (1980).

Magnesium ignites easily in air and burns with an intense white light, it is used in flares, fireworks and sparklers.

The compounds of magnesium have many, versatile applications:

Watch this video to see a ribbon of elemental magnesium burn in air with a bright white flame.


All patent information has been obtained from Espacenet (European Patent Office).