(source: https://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/99/einsteinium)

Einsteinium is co-produced with californium by bombardment of plutonium 239 with neutrons; both elements can be separated from other actinides by solvent extraction or ion exchange: Californium And Einsteinium Separation (1966).

Einsteinium is one of the actinides suggested as an energy source in thermoelectric materials for Seebeck or Peltier devices: Thermoelectric materials and devices prepared therefrom (1964); this is a catch-all patent application which includes all members of the actinides for the sake of speculative or prophetic completeness (cf. berkelium).

Some outlandish applications of einsteinium (cf. berkelium) are allegedly homepathic treatments of HIV infection (Composition Based On One Or More Transuranium Elements – And Especially Plutonium – For The Homoeopathic Prevention And Treatment Of HIV Infection (1995)), and of AIDS (Composition Containing Transuranic Elements For Use In The Homeopathic Treatment Of Aids (1996)).


All patent information has been obtained from Espacenet (European Patent Office).